Key Features

Create Your Strategy:

  • Users can become Portfolio Managers and craft their own MTKs according to their unique investment objectives and risk preferences.

  • Define your strategy, select underlying assets, and set performance fees based on Total Value Locked (TVL).

Invest in Tokenized Portfolios:

  • Investors can seamlessly invest in a diverse range of MTKs, gaining exposure to multiple assets through a single token.

Secure and Transparent Custody:

  • Assets underlying MTKs are securely held in non-custodial vaults using smart contracts, guaranteeing transparency and asset security.

  • Funds can only enter the vaults at the time of minting and exit upon burning, safeguarding user assets from unauthorized access.


  • We will use Xerberus Risk Ratings to filter assets and mantain quality standards in all of the MTKs.

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