Portfolio Managers:

Portfolio Managers: PMs are the users that create the strategies that define MTKs. They are responsible for creating the tokenized portfolios so that people can invest in them. PMs will have the ability to charge a fee based on the MTK's TVL, so they can be rewarded for their work. To create MTKs, PMs must hold a certain amount of $METERA in their wallets.

$MTK Users:

MTK Users: General users of the protocol are the ones that invest in MTKs of their choice. They will have all the necessary information to track and decide on which MTKs to invest in through the Metera dashboard. In order to mint MTKs, users will need to hold $METERA. Once they have acquired $METERA, they can use it to mint and trade MTKs on the Metera protocol.

$METERA Holders:

$METERA holders have an important role in the Metera ecosystem. By holding $METERA, they can participate in the protocol's governance through the DAO. They can vote on changes to the protocol and help shape the future direction of Metera.

*** Please keep in mind this document is a work in progress, things may change as the project evolves ***

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