Metera V.01


Metera Tokenized Portfolio ($MTK)
Metera Tokenized Portfolio or $MTK is the generic name of a token created inside the protocol. These tokens are formed by a collection of underlying assets whose proportions are defined by a weighting function. $MTKs represent a share of a specific portfolio within the Metera Protocol.
Metera Governance and Utility Token ($METERA)
$Metera is the governance and utility token for Metera Protocol. It allows users to participate in the governance of the platform and is needed to access Metera’s services.
Governance: Vote on future development, treasury management & Portfolio creation.
Utility: In order to interact with the protocol, users will need $Metera to pay for platform fees, mint and create $MTKs. In order to increase TVL of $METERA a % will be included in all MTKs.
*** Please keep in mind this document is a work in progress, things may change as the project evolves ***