Metera V.01

How does the Metera Protocol V.01 works?

This first version of the protocol allows for the basic functionalities that are needed. Users need to deposit the exact weights the MTK tells them in order to mint.
The Metera Protocol V.01 will be accessible through a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard that allows users to easily interact with the protocol. The dashboard will display key information about the MTKs, including their performance, composition, Impact information and other relevant metrics.
The V.01 Smart Contract version was developed alongside Mlabs.
In order to create an MTK, a Portfolio Manager (PM) will first need to use a specific interface to input the required information for each asset, such as the ticker, the policy-id, price, and the initial weight. This information will be translated into an on-chain function called a "weighting function", which will define how much of each asset needs to be contained within the MTK based on specific criteria.
In the current V.01, users need to deposit the exact weights of each asset included in the MTK within a single transaction in order to mint an MTK. Future versions of the platform will allow the minting of MTKs by depositing $ADA and interacting with a decentralized exchange in the Cardano Ecosystem.
The smart contract will also continuously rebalance the MTK in order to maintain the desired asset allocation, ensuring that the MTK is always optimized for maximum performance. Users can view the progress of their investments in real-time through the dashboard, and withdraw their funds at any time.
The demo dashboard will be available for users to test the protocol's MVP and interact with the smart contract in a safe and controlled environment. It will showcase the features and functionalities of the Metera Protocol V.01, and allow users to experience the benefits of MTKs firsthand.

Try out the Demo Dashboard

Here’s a video that explains how the current smart contract works: *ETK=MTK
*** Please keep in mind this document is a work in progress, things may change as the project evolves ***