Metera V.01

Impact Measurement Tool

We believe in the power of the community and that this collective intelligence is greater than the mind of a single person. That’s why Metera partnered with members of the Cardano Community in order to create an open source impact rating that assigns projects a score based on their impact. This score will be used to create unique MTK strategies.
The Impact Measurement System (IMS) is a powerful tool designed to assess the sustainability and impact of decentralized digital assets. Developed for Metera Protocol. This system provides investors and organizations with valuable insights into the social and environmental impact of their investments. With the IMS, individuals and organizations can make informed decisions that drive positive change and create a sustainable future for all.
The protocol will eventually reward the projects that have the greatest impact by using the impact rating score.
Find out more about the IMS HERE
*** Please keep in mind this document is a work in progress, things may change as the project evolves ***