Metera V.01

Minting an MTK

The action of creating a token in the blockchain is called minting. Minting an MTK allows for a tokenized portfolio to exist on-chain. This is achieved by creating a set of assets that meet a certain criteria, defined by a “weighting function.” The weighting function assigns a weight to each asset, and the MTK is formed by the set of assets that are proportionately distributed according to their weights.
To define the weighting function, we make use of two main oracles: the financial oracle and the impact oracle. The financial oracle provides key information from financial markets that is necessary to create and manage financial instruments. The impact oracle, based on the ESG framework, allows us to incorporate impact considerations into the weighting function.
Before a MTK can be minted, the weighting function needs to be defined and placed on-chain, along with the required arguments. On-chain information can also be used as an argument. Once this is done, the script can be called with the assets as inputs, and the function will calculate the weight of each asset and output MTK token(s) within one’s wallet.
As most people prefer not to transact from the Cardano Line Interface, we are releasing a UI within our Dashboard to make the minting process easier. The UI will allow users to connect their web-browser to their Nami wallet using the Nami add-on. This will simplify the process of minting MTK tokens.
*** Please keep in mind this document is a work in progress, things may change as the project evolves ***